Web Series Production

From development to distribution, Wasted Talent Films does it all. Producing quirky and engaging serials for web savvy audiences with award wining writers, directors and editors.

Our lead producer has overseen production on over 30 web serials, totaling in over 1500 minutes in the last 3 years ranging from hand drawn animation to children’s programming to live action reality T.V. to science-fiction drama.

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Lead Producer: John Baunsgard


Event Filming & Photography

Best Man forget to hire a videographer for your wedding? Running late for your daughter’s recital? Wasted Talent Films has your back covered both in filming and editing. We’ll film the best and most important parts of your event and then distill that into a Facebook friendly trailer and a long form video accompanied with onsite b-roll and music.

Portfolio: J. Gile

Portfolio: J. Baunsgard

Demo Reel

Narrative Advising

With over 15 years of film production experience, Wasted Talent Films specializes in meager budgets with big results. WTF is uniquely qualified to advise indie scripts on narrative soundness and production feasibility. Do you need impartial eyes on your script that are not your friends or family? Hiring one of our Narrative Consultants can give you the unbiased critique necessary to guarantee that your baby finds an audience.

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